Monday Challenge

Today’s Challenge is a reminder that the deadline for the team 
Falling for Fall Challenge 
is July 21st!!  

We have just kicked off the summer season, but already it is time to think about Fall for your shop. As a team, we will start promoting our Fall items in August so I’m putting forth this team challenge to get us started:

This challenge is “Falling for Fall.” Give some thought to what you personally love about the Fall season, then create something from your medium of choice reflecting both your love of the season and the name of the challenge.

After you have created and listed the item in your shop, post it in this thread. We have until July 21st, 12:00 midnight EST to post. We will then have a team vote on our favorite item and the shop owner with the most votes will be featured on our blog and our Facebook page.

So, let’s get going! Fall is just ahead! (no pun intended:)


 Cap’n Kathi 

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