Teamhandmade Facebook Thursday – Kitchen

In our ongoing quest to get more exposure for our team, we’re going to have Team Handmade Facebook Thursdays.  We will post a static treasury photo of a particular category of items from team members with a link to that search.  If all members could download the photo and post it on their facebook pages with that link, or on your blogs, anywhere people will see it, we could blitz the internet with our presence.  The more places we are present with the more linkbacks to our team, the better for all of us.  Here is our first Team Handmade Facebook Thursday — the theme is kitchen and the link to the search is just below the photo.  So blitz away!!

2 thoughts on “Teamhandmade Facebook Thursday – Kitchen

  1. That's ok, Kathi. The point is for all of us to post it wherever all on the same day. Kind of like doing the Treasury blitzes. This is more of an 'out there' blitz. Might not help a lot, but it sure can't hurt. Just gettin' our name out there. 🙂

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