Tuesday Teamie

Our Tuesday Teamie is Caitlin Sainio of  Caitlin Sainio Designs. Her beautiful crochet leaf appliques were voted team favorite in our Falling for Fall Challenge! Congratulations Caitlin!

Let’s meet our Tuesday Teamie as she describes the love of her art:

From Caitlin’s About Page:

From thread to lace…. in as many colors as possible.

I learned to crochet as a child, and fell hopelessly in love with thread crochet shortly thereafter. To this day, I find the process magical. I love how the thread feels, as it slides between my fingers. I love to watch the hook flash in and out, creating tiny patterns of knots. And most of all, I love watching those patterns turn into the curve of a petal, the wing of a butterfly, or the crystalline point of a snowflake.

Caitlin Sainio Designs began in 2009 as an excuse to buy more thread and make more lace. Even as it’s grown into a successful business, the core mission is the same: it’s a place to indulge — and to share — my fascination with crochet, with geometry, and with nature.

owner, maker, designer
I’m a mechanical engineer-turned-crochet designer. I design, make, photograph, pack, and ship everything in my shop.

Embroidery Hoop Art Wall Hanging -- Crochet Tree on a Hillside - CaitlinSainio
3 Crochet Leaf Appliques -- Gold Birch Leaves - CaitlinSainio
8 Crochet Flower Appliques -- Orange Marigolds - CaitlinSainio
5 Crochet Flower Appliques -- 1-3/8 inch Diameter, in Burgundy - CaitlinSainio

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