Q & A With An Etsy Shopper

Our member blogger today is Sheri of Sheriberyl

I spent some time recently with a friend of who was getting ready for her daughter’s wedding, I was amazed at how much she came to Etsy for things she needed. So I thought it might be interesting to get a buyers perspective from a non-seller. She is a GenXer one with social media and extremely computer savvy having held positions at Yahoo, Google and NPR. I am thrilled to be making their wedding rings. Reluctantly at first as it is very stressful working on such an important item for someone you know. Whether handmade or vintage she comes to the site for uniqueness.

Q What drew you to the site and how did you find out about it?
How long have you been an Etsy shopper ? Do you shop quite a bit on line in general?

A I’ve been aware of Etsy for a long time, maybe since it first started. A few of my friends sell stuff on their site and being in the Internet industry, Etsy has definitely been in the news so I’ve poked around a lot, but during the wedding was my first time purchasing a bunch of things off the site. I do *alot* of online shopping. Basically, if I don’t need to try it on, I prefer to buy online to avoid the hassles of the mall, parking, lines, etc.

Q I know that you used the site a lot for your wedding. Was the wedding registry a factor?

A I didn’t do a registry. The way I started using Etsy while I was researching my dress options, I found a link to a woman who made recycled dresses and I loved the idea that the dress would be something handmade just for me, and not made in China and bought from a big store. It turned out however that the dress didn’t work out at all and I ended up buying a dress (from a little shop but nonetheless made in China I think). But I did get our custom made cake topper, and some vintage stamps from Etsy, which are both beautiful and very personal to what we are doing. I think with something like as personal and special as a wedding, it’s meaningful to me to have items that someone hand makes one at a time versus factory-made.

Q There has been a lot of controversy about Etsy lately, as the platform grows and expands they are broadening the definition of handmade to allow cooperatives collectives and micro–industries. How important is handmade to you and would this change effect your opinion about the site or member shops?

A I have heard this too and for example, one of the things I bought was a collection of vintage circus stamps to use on our gifts and thank you notes. Even though it wasn’t hand made, it felt in the spirit of Etsy. I do think it’s a fine line, because I wouldn’t be as into mass-produced items, but as long as things are very honestly labeled as what they are (handmade or otherwise) I think it’s ok.

Q How do you search the site; through category, search, or the new browse? Have you tried the new browse feature and what do you thin about it?

A Usually I have something in mind when I go to Etsy so I use the search box. Then I usually filter by handmade because that’s often what I’m after. With the rings for example I filtered by Los Angeles because I really wanted to see them in person before buying. Most often, I’ve followed a link from someone’s interest board or blog or tweet. From there I usually poke around by finding something I like and then looking at more stuff by that person.

Q Once you have found something what do you consider before purchasing from a shop? How important is their feedback?

A Depends on what I’m getting. For the wedding dress and rings, it was really important. For the stamps and the cake topper, I don’t think I really looked because they are fairly simple items.

Q Etsy just launched gift cards that can be used throughout the site. Would you consider them for any gift giving needs?

A I generally don’t like giving gift-cards so I don’t know how much I would be into it, but for people that do, I think it’s a great idea


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