Monday Challenge: Holiday Boot Camp 2012

Catching up with Holiday Boot Camp 2012:

Week 4 was Optimizing Photos & Shipping to entice holiday shoppers. Mel covered Photography recently in her Photography post. As for shipping, if you are not shipping internationally, this may be the time to consider doing so. The Etsy article states that 1/3 of sales involve country to country transactions!

This week the question was asked – do you offer gift wrapping? If so, it may be a good idea to state it in each listing as buyers often overlook shop introductions!

Week 5 was about participation in Holiday Shows and the Etsy article provides comprehensive information on the subject.

Week 6 covers the importance of giving excellent Customer Service to encourage repeat business. See this informative blog post about Customer Service.

Our team has provided the following holiday ideas:

-Photography  (Susie @ SusiesBoutiqueTLC)

-SEO tip of the day…more people are searching for “Holiday <item>” than they are “Christmas <item>” in my shop, so be sure to use both in your tags and titles. Etsy Finds is also using “holiday” more, too. (Mel @ Fischer Fine Arts)

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Great information and suggestions in this thread.

From the Etsy Merchandising Guide:

Black Friday Through Cyber Monday Weekend: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are shopping holidays gaining a reputation as the best days of the year to find sales and are in part an official kickoff to the retail holiday shopping season. Etsy will be supporting sellers’ site-wide promotions throughout the 11/23 – 11/26 weekend. All sellers are welcome to participate with any and all special promotions you may be running on these dates. Etsy will be promoting sales via two universal predetermined tags that will be promoted from featured areas of the site.

How to Get Involved: Sellers conducting a promotion during these dates may use these tags to be automatically included in the site wide promotions: 1. Black Friday Etsy, 2. Cyber Monday Etsy. Use one or both of the appropriate tags for your sale items and specify the details of your promotion clearly at the top of the item description for each item. Note: Please do not use these designated tags unless you are promoting a sale during the 11/23 – 11/26 weekend, with the details clearly laid out in the item description.

***************Per your suggestions, the team will be doing a TREASURY BLITZ during the 11/23 – 11/26 weekend.***************

Any member who has time to participate is encouraged to do so. Just make as many treasuries as you can during that time frame, and make sure to use the team tag as one of the treasury tags –  “teamhandmade.”

If you are offering a special promotion during that weekend, let the treasury makers know in this thread. As it may prove hard to find enough member shops to fill our treasuries, non-member shops can be included as we normally do for regular team treasuries. (Reminder: if you want to be included in team promotions, you MUST use the team tag “teamhandmade” in your listings.)

For those who do not have time to MAKE treasuries, please take time to VIEW the treasuries, favorite, and comment.

Hope everyone is making progress with holiday preps! Let’s discuss.

Cap’n Kathi


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