Paid Promotions

Some time ago Facebook began offering to promote our business page posts.  Naturally, we would have to pay for that.  It was even said that Facebook was intentionally showing our posts to a small percentage of the people who had liked our pages, using that as the carrot to entice us to pay for more exposure.

I decided to give it a try yesterday.  I have not done this before, have not talked to anyone who may have used this feature and don’t actually even know anyone who has.

So I was going in this with no preconceived notions or any idea what to expect.

I paid the $5 yesterday and my promotion would end late Thursday afternoon.

I only have 420 page likes.  But my posts normally are “seen” by anywhere from 75-215 people. Usually 6-25 people will like my posts and comments vary from 5-12 on average. That’s not bad based on what I’ve seen on other pages.  I’ve seen some pages with over a thousand fans have much less activity than mine.

So it was interesting to see how this paid promotion would work.  As of tonight, 600 people have “seen” my post.  I got 3 new page likes from it and not much else that really matters.

My opinion is that this paid promotion is not really worth it on a regular basis.  But for $5, it might be a good tool to get a very special item or post in front of new people you normally wouldn’t be exposed to.

I feel the same way about this that I do about search ads on Etsy.  Not very useful in the big scheme of things, but might be good for a few specific posts.  For $5, it’s pretty cheap to try and see what happens.  Don’t be afraid to try it sometime.




3 thoughts on “Paid Promotions

  1. Interesting. I pretty had the same thought–this would be something I would try with a special post like a monthly photo wrap up of all my orders for the past month or so. They type of post that would show off a lot of pictures to people and hopefully entice them into my shop. Thanks for sharing the stats.

  2. Hey Sylvie, this is something I was wondering about, thanks for writing about it. Do you know how they do the promoting? Is it like an ad on the right of your FB page or is it inserted in the news feed section?

  3. Amelia, I believe this is just having the post show up in more newsfeeds. It’s not like the other paid ads, I don’t think, but not absolutely certain.

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