Holiday Travel Tips

Our member blogger today is Stephanie of Squishy Couture.

ImageThe Holidays are fast approaching and many are eager to make it home for Mom’s famous cranberry sauce or Grandpa’s latest rendition of Jingle Bells. Traveling during these times can be stressful and expensive! Here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way.

1. Know what dates to travel.
We all know it’s best to avoid peak travel dates (the days immediately before and after a holiday are the busiest), but have you considered traveling on the holiday? Many airlines offer cheaper rates on Thanksgiving and Christmas day. Besides, do you really want to spend the entire day avoiding that cousin who always tries to sell you Amway?

2. Arrive at the airport extra early.
Seriously. The early bird catches the flight that gets her home to stuff herself silly. People will be traveling in masses, so allow yourself plenty of extra time. Better to sit and people watch for a couple of hours than watch as your plane takes off without you. It will. I promise.

3. Be nice.
I know all too well that airline staff can be less than pleasant. Just try to remember they’re working their rear end’s off to get you home to your family. Besides, when was the last time you went out of your way to help someone who was demanding, rude, impatient, or downright belligerent? Being nasty is a quick way to get arrested too. Airport security is no joke.

4. Ship gifts ahead of time.
Some airlines are charging to check any luggage, and others charge a hefty fee for checking luggage weighing over 50 lbs. Shipping your gifts ahead of time will often be cheaper than paying the fee. Besides, you’ll need the extra space to bring home your own loot.

5. Leave your snow globes at home.
For those of you who like to carry around your trusty snow globes, you need to know that TSA prohibits having them in your carry on. “They are sealed containers full of liquid that would have to be opened and destroyed to test,” TSA said. “We’re not in the business of busting snow globes, so we suggest you place them in your checked baggage or mail them ahead of time.”

You can however bring pies, but they may be subject to additional screening. Just be aware that TSA states screening a pie does NOT include eating it, no matter what the screener may tell you.

May you and your snow globes make it home safely this holiday season!


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