Thankful Traditions

Our member blogger today is Christiana of Yarn Darlin.

When I was 17 yrs old, I met my best friend. She lived a short five minute drive from my house, so I spent a lot of time visiting her and hanging out with her family. I loved getting to know her family and observing how it was so much different from my own. We spent a lot of time in their kitchen drinking coffee, experimenting with new recipes, and helping with family chores. It was kind of the central hub where her family would chat, do their school work, play games, and read or draw.

During the Fall, I went over to her house like any other day, but as soon as I walked in, her 5 yr old sister lit up and asked me with great excitement “Would you like to add a leaf to our Thankful Tree?!”. What? A Thankful Tree? What is this? Of COURSE I WANT TO PLAY! I had never heard of this, but I later discovered it’s a pretty well known craft for Thanksgiving. They had cut a large brown tree trunk out of paper and taped it to the wall. Her sister had spent all day cutting out multi-colored leaf shapes so that their family and guests can write down something they’re thankful for and add it to the tree. I thought it was brilliant! Not only did I enjoy adding my own leaf, but it was wonderful to read the sweet words of what this family was thankful for. They kept the leaves from previous years and reuse them each Fall, so it was fun to see how the things they’re thankful for change with age.

That Thankful Tree was a beautiful reminder of not only things I’m thankful for, but things I take for granted and should be thankful for. The discovery of the Thankful Tree and sheer joy from my friend’s sister while showing it to me had a lasting impact and I look forward to adopting it as a tradition with my own family someday.

What are your Thanksgiving traditions?

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