A Blog Post. Really.

State of the Captain

It’s Monday and I’m trying to get myself focused as my ADD has been out of control lately (in case you all haven’t noticed!) I have been totally scattered – started several things and not followed through (as in following the Holiday Boot Camp for our Monday Challenge). Please accept my apologies as I have not been a very good Captain and our ship has veered a little off course! (But, please keep in mind that I am just a work in progress.)

I Understand

Anyway… I was a little disheartened to read in our forums that one of our precious shops may be closing and we may be losing a beloved member. Posting a reply, I realized how sad it was that I and others were not encouraging this member to stay. I tried to find the words to do that, but they all rang hollow, and the best I could do was say “I understand.”  There is just no way to encourage someone to do something you yourself are questioning.

Where Is The Tipping Point?

Don’t know about you, but lately I do find myself questioning the decision to continue selling on Etsy; wondering, at what point do you say “it’s not worth it?” We all know it is a 24-hour a day job and there is so much more than making something, photographing and listing. There is: seo, keeping up with marketplace changes, customer service, and promotion, promotion, and more promotion. In the end, some of us probably make about 3 cents an hour (talk about sweatshop wages LOL!)

Of course, the benefits of selling are individual to each of us. Some (few) make their living from their art or craft. Others sell to finance their hobby, or to have extra spending money. And the point at which it is no longer worth it will be individual to each of us also.

Personally, I came (back) to Etsy for several reasons:

1) I lost my job and needed some extra income.

2) I am a crafter by nature and my products were taking over our home:)

3) After losing my job, I didn’t feel connected to anything outside my home. I was at home alone all day with no one to talk to or share my interests with. I was lonely:(

So for me, as long as I am receiving some of the benefits I am looking for (that is, as long as I continue to craft and have products, and desire to network with others), selling on Etsy is worth it to me. Even if I am making only 3 cents an hour!

(Of course, I don’t want to settle for that hourly wage. I will continue to strive for the “extra income” I came here for.)

What About You?

So, what about you? Are you receiving the benefits you came here for?

I know a lot of shop owners, especially us small fry, are questioning whether to continue selling on Etsy right now. The truth is: we just aren’t making any money. We may not even be breaking even. And all the changes and upcoming changes on Etsy (and the state of the economy) aren’t making it any easier. But before you decide to close up shop, ask yourself: why are you here? You might surprise yourself with your answers!

Open for discussion!

Wishing for you all a wonderful week and lots of sales!

Cap’n Kathi


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