What is Your Legacy?

Our member blogger today is Sylvie of Albina Rose. Thank you, Sylvie!

sylvienewWhat mark are you leaving on the world as you move through it? Will people remember you? If so, what will their memory of you be?

We have an impact everywhere we go, on everything we touch and on peoples’ hearts. That is an immense power. To affect people in such a way they remember you long after you’ve exited their life, no matter how briefly you were in it.

So how will they remember you? As the sad, angry person who snaps at the impatient sales clerk? Or the shopkeeper who badmouths her customers? The vindictive blogger who tirelessly scours the internet, to write defamatory pieces about others on her blog? Maybe the neighbor who complains about the next door kids making noise when they’re playing in their yard?

Or perhaps, they will remember you as the person who hurried over to their car so you could help as they struggled with their shopping cart? The customer who smiles and asks the apparently impatient sales clerk if they’re having a bad day? The kind soul who finds the good in others and always focuses on that rather than their shortcomings? The volunteer who willingly gives of their free time to others in need? The neighbor who offers to mow your lawn while you’re away for a couple months?

I could go on and on and on. But I know you get the picture. We all leave a mark on this world and we all have immense power to impact others’ lives. That power should be wielded with great care, good intentions and integrity. Make your mark one that shines a bright light into others’ lives. That leaves them feeling better for having crossed paths with you, gives them hope or reaffirms for them that people are good.

Better yet, let you be the inspiration for them to go out and leave their own mark.

Happy holidays and Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “What is Your Legacy?

  1. Great Post Sylvie! You’re so right. Every little thing we do leaves a mark on the world. Call it the George Bailey effect, if you will. We have to be aware of whether that mark improves the world or diminishes it and remember that each thing we do is done by choice.

  2. I love this post Sylvie. I do try to leave a kind and caring impression most of the time but it is so easy to let it slip when we are caught up in our own dramas. This is the perfect time for a reminder, thank you.

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