Forget About Christmas!

Today’s member blogger is Sam of RusticCraft Designs. Thank you Sam!


OK, I know we are still in the Holiday Rush Madness phase.
But in two weeks this will all be over—so NOW is the time to start thinking ahead!
If we prepare our things ahead of time and list them—we are more likely to
A. Get them done and B. Get featured on blogs & in magazines!

Holidays / Events / Seasons / Occasions to start preparing inventory for ASAP:

1. Spring Forward. Start preparing inventory with a Spring theme, everyone is sick of winter and is looking forward. These can be actual items, or simply personalized items with these themed images
• Rain boots
• Umbrellas
• Spring Flowers—tulips, daffodils etc

2. Valentine’s Day: February 14th Start theming for Valentine’s day in February! Come’s faster than you think…
• Flowers
• Hearts
• Personalized couple items
• Red, pink & white items

3. Saint Patrick’s Day: March 17th Start theming for Saint Patrick’s Day in March
• Shamrock anything
• Greens and whites
• Irish anything
• Beer! Beer mugs, beer cozies, beer anything

4. Spring Break: Mid February to End of April Think BEACH, and booze.
• Flip flops
• Sun hats
• Bathing Suits
• Beach Jewelry
• Personalized Towels

5. Easter: Sunday, March 31st
• Bunnies
• Eggs
• Pastel

Other popular themes for 2013 to start preparing for:


The Popular Color:
The Color of the year by pantone has been named—EMERALD GREEN

We could probably take our green Christmas items and re-purpose them as the 2013 Color of the year products!

Popular Fashion Trends: Try Emerald Green stripes and Emerald Green Ethnic prints for more exposure!
• Stripes
• Ethnic Prints

Homework Assignment:

Peruse 3 different teamhandmade shops and suggest some upcoming items they could start creating/listing. Post in our teamhandmade thread.


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