The Heart of Handmade

Thank you to Mary of Sandcastle Jewels for today’s blog post!

maryiThis time of year there’s a special emphasis on giving gifts from the heart. Some even try their hand at making their own gifts, to convey a little more of themselves in the giving. But many just don’t have the time, patience, or know how to make the kind of gifts they want to give. Each year, more people are discovering Etsy as a place to find the things they wish they could create themselves. This year, I found a beautiful watercolor print and fantastic wood wall décor to give as gifts to family members, because let’s face it – not everyone in my family wears jewelry.

And the bonus is that each gift I buy on Etsy comes with a little something extra. It’s at the core of this Handmade Team. That little bit of heart and soul that each maker transfers to their creation. That intangible quality I want to come across in each piece I offer in my shop, and that I want the recipient of my Christmas gifts to sense when they open each package. It’s the true heart of handmade. So to all my team members and fellow Etsy sellers, a thank you for the time, talent & soul you put into your shops and your products. And to all Etsy buyers, who see past the mass produced, factory made, and choose to buy true handmade gifts, I thank you for valuing the difference.

brandy glass , heart with wings and roses tattoo style - GlassGoddessNgraving
Rhodolite Garnet Earrings, Hearts and Flowers Earrings, Gemstone Heart Earrings, .925 Sterling Silver Dangles, January Birthstone - sandcastlejewels
Leather Valentines gift tag pocket, heart shaped gift tag pocket - WoodBoneAndStone
Barn Red Wall Heart Repurposed Wood Art - woodenaht


One thought on “The Heart of Handmade

  1. What a lovely blog! I couldn’t agree more — I did a good amount of my holiday shopping on Etsy this year — I love the uniqueness (that “little bit of heart and soul”) of the gifts I find there.

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