Saturday Special

We don’t usually have a Saturday blog post, but I could not wait to share this amazing story!

donFirst, let me introduce you to one of our sweet members whom I’ve gotten to know well over the past year. His name is Don Strother and his shop is imagesetc. Don’s specialty is wood cutouts featuring quilt barns, beautiful little pieces of Americana. Meet Don:


I am a retired teacher and working artist from Ohio. I put my original designs on wood, tiles, mugs, magnets and also make prints from them.


The hand-crafted wood “cut-outs” are attractive gifts suitable for display on your bookshelf, desk, mantle, or window sill.

The tiles are 6 x 6 and can be placed on an easel or framed and hung. They may also be used as a serving plate. They are heat and water resistant.

The magnets are mostly 3.5″ square. Some are a little less depending on the shape of the object being represented.

My favorite subjects include wildlife, covered bridges, barns, lighthouses, Maine scenes and historic sites. I am interested in small-town Americana.

Even though I am in my seventies I am living my dream now that I am retired.

Back in November, Don had one particular customer whose order he just could not get right, partly due to customer indecision. After working hard to please the customer, in the end, Don was very concerned that the transaction had left his buyer disappointed.
Alas! I received this convo from Don yesterday and I’m sharing with Don’s approval:
I wanted to tell you of an interesting convo I received, since it had to do with the lady who complained so (but later thanked me). She wrote the following:”Hi Don, do you want to know the funniest thing? Another of your customers, it turns out, is my sister in Colorado. Even though she’s there and I’m in Virginia, we both found you and ordered magnets of barn quilts to send to each other, some of the same. And we each sent some of the same to our Mom in Michigan.. We had such a good laugh. Just thought you might like this little story from your happy customers.”
Isn’t that amazing? I guess the moral of the story is: don’t write off those “disgruntled” customers!
Thank you Don for sharing and allowing me to share with the team:)

2 thoughts on “Saturday Special

  1. Love this story and since I know the artist well I know he would do most anything for a customer disgruntled or not. They are a great couple and only make quality hand made things.

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