Monday Challenge (sort of)

Good morning! The holidays are winding down, it’s a new year, a new week, and time to get to work! And – time for a new challenge. This challenge involves hearts. And money (sort of.) And thanks to Greg of WoodBoneAndStone I can give you a visual:


Beginning today and continuing through February 10th (12:00 midnight EST), we will have a team treasury blitz. This will be for Valentine’s Day-themed treasuries (sort of.) The theme is “For the Love of….”  (Example: “For the Love of Jewelry” featuring all jewelry. Or, “For the Love of Red” featuring all red items…. got it?)

The rules are this:

1) Treasuries must feature at least one-half team shops (8 items); the remainder can be non-team shops.

2) All treasuries MUST be titled “For the Love of (fill in the blank)” and the description should read “I love Etsy Handmade Team.”

3) Treasuries must include the tags “teamhandmade,” “Valentines Day,” and “love”

4) Treasury links should be posted in this thread only (not our normal treasury thread).

5) You can make as many treasuries as you want during the time frame.

Now, for the money (sort of) part!

This is a contest. The prize is a $25.00 Etsy gift card. The winning treasury will be the treasury receiving the most comments (only one comment per person will be counted.) Therefore, it is important to post a treasury link to your FB page, your blog, on the bathroom wall, anywhere and every where!! In the case of a tie, we will have a treasury playoff.

To make it even more interesting…

The first member to get one of our “For the Love Of” treasuries to the Front Page during this time frame will receive a $50.00 Etsy gift card. (So if you win the comment part AND get to the front page… $75.00 of free Etsy goodies await you:)

So let’s do it! Look out treasury pages ——- here we come!

(And if you missed Saturday’s post, the link is below)


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