Niche Marketing- Defining your item’s focus

Written by Sam Squailia from rusticcraftdesign


Niche Marketing: A portion of a market that you’ve identified as having some special characteristic and that’s worth marketing to.

The competition online can seem overwhelming if your target is too broad.

While appealing to everyone might seem like it would get you the widest audience, in reality it only dilutes your product with the thousands of other products out there.

Try not to be all things to all people.

One of the best strategies to get buyers to see your products is to define your target market—- and narrow your marketing focus to gear your items towards that niche market.

Here are a few steps to take to start:

1. Determine whom you want your niche market to be.
This will be different for everyone, for different products, for different parts of the country, for different styles.
Really define who you want to sell to—Think a more Narrow Focus.

“My target market is women” —–is not narrow enough

“My target market is women age 40-70” —-this is better

“My target market is women, aged 40-70, who are now retired” —-now this is a much narrower focus.

^^this is just an example, defining your target market is the first step.

2. Once you have defined your target market, now take a moment to reevaluate your product—–

Does your product serve a specific purpose that your niche market needs?

How can you better make or focus your product to better serve this market?

3. Really Identify with your Customer’s needs and wants.

What does your customer really need? What do they really WANT? How do they want to feel?

4. Now synthesize your product’s focus with your specific customer’s need.
How will they be looking for what they need?

What will they type into the search bar?

How can you make your product stand out for them to see?

5. Now Implement it.

List your product specifically tailored to your defined market.

Assess all aspects of your photos, listings, tags, and even down tot he product packaging—to focus in on your specific niche customer.

Stephanie from SquishyCouture says
It’s also important to remember to roll with the market. I initially started out marketing only to newborn photographers, and had a hard time breaking into the market. I broadened my size range and things really took off. Now about half my customers are photographers and the other half are new moms.

Paula Walsh avatarPaula Walsh from LittleCottonShop says

…a buyer of one of my quilts with an ambulance on it said that her friends husband was a paramedic so she thought it very suitable !!!

Please share your experiences and challenges with marketing your products!


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