Handcrafted! 15 Great Reasons to Buy It!

Handcrafted! 15 Great Reasons to Buy It!

Handcrafted! 15 Great Reasons to Buy It!
1. You employ sole proprietors; small business owners who are the backbone of local economies.

2. You help grow the vital and direct business model of person to person, rather than supporting six digit incomes of corporate CEOs.

3. You value quality over quantity when you buy one of a kind and limited edition, well made original artist works.

4. You engage in personalized, customer oriented buying experiences.

5. Buying unique, handmade gifts tells the person you’re gifting that you genuinely care about them.

6. You help to reduce fossil fuel degradation of our environment by shopping handcrafted local (off-shore shipping).

7. You help reduce toxic mass-production manufacturing wastes (from unregulated manufacturing processes).

8. You help reduce excess packaging/shipping wastes, offsetting larger carbon footprints.

9. You reduce human exploitation (sweat factory mass-production and materials mining).

10. You participate in positive eco-awareness. Many handmade artisan items are eco-friendly, inclusive of upcycled, recycled and environmently sustainable materials.

11. You are buying items with “heart” created by artists and artisans who love their job! These are items full of joy and heartful caring.

12. You are enriching the world with the addition of shared beauty.

13. Buying handmade teaches and rewards the value of self-expressive creative thinking, entrepreneurship, and craftsmanship.

14. You encourage young people to enter the artisan hand-making traditions by purchasing and promoting handcrafted arts.

15. You are making an intentional personal choice to make a difference – supporting individualism, environmental activism, social responsibility!

Supporting Small businesses supports local economies directly. Thank YOU for supporting handmade!

Thank you to our member contributor today, Gale at Precious Wreckage


9 thoughts on “Handcrafted! 15 Great Reasons to Buy It!

  1. Fantastic article!

    I have one to add…
    16) You support not only the handmade artisan, but all of the businesses that artisan relies on for their supplies. I shop only local bead suppliers, small sewing shops for thread, and Etsy artisans for my beaded ornaments, and I know many Etsians do the same.

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