About TeamHandmade

Who We Are

Our team, created on April 23, 2012, is a group of artisan shop owners who create and sell our handmade works on Etsy and beyond. Our members are committed to “keeping the hand in handmade” and raising awareness about the importance and value of artists’ handmade products in an increasingly mass-produced economy. We strive to promote and support handmade artists and to provide assurance to Etsy buyers that purchasing from a team member is purchasing authentic handmade directly from the artist or artists.

What We Do

Within the Etsy venue, we provide a place where members gather to uphold the “spirit of handmade.” Our members support one another by providing mentoring, critiques, suggestions and how-to’s to the team. We work to provide members the necessary tools to have a successful venture on Etsy, and to alert them to any new changes to the site. Most importantly, we work toward keeping buyers aware of what and from whom they are buying on Etsy.

How We Work

Within the team framework, there is a Captain who coordinates duties among members, Leaders who lead the group in carrying out its work and staying true to the team mission, and our Members. Most team ideas and practices originate from the General Discussion Forums where members carry on discussion and debate about current issues and how we as a team might act upon them.




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